About Us

Welcome to Silver Spring Treks & Expedition
Silver Spring Treks & Expedition is one of the top Trekking And Tour Company located in Lakeside Pokhara Nepal, rendering services to the explorers from around the world. Silver Spring Treks & Expedition, a registered Company under the Government of Nepal and recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. We are a team of dedicated and well-experienced people ready to give a very special attention to make your trip worthwhile and unforgettable.
We offer a wide range of tours/trekking packages and tailored made programs as per the client's request. We arrange the trekking and tours for groups as well as for an individual. None the less we also keep in mind the tariff of the tours and trekking programs. But we always assure of the standard of the services to be rendered to our clients. 

We have a team of experienced and dedicated people working in this field for the last one decade. They are professionals in their respective fields like trekking, guiding, climbing, rafting, sightseeing tours, and in various adventures fields. You people will never disappoint if you ever make a trip with us.


We also carry out special classical / Incentive tours and trekking. We work with the hotel's Luxurious hotels like Dwarika's, Hyatt, Yak & Yeti, and Crown plaza, Shangri-la Group, Fishtail, and so on.

We also keep in mind to budget class tourist so we have hotels like Manaslu, Woodland, hotel Tibet, Nirvana guest house, Mount Kailash, and so on.

We also think of the comfort of the clients during their travel and visit so. We provide the best available coaches/ cars (air conditions).

Quality , Budget and Services According tou your need

The straight of the groups.

The standard of the hotels.

We always adhere to our professional services so that our clients fly back to their countries not only with the nice memories but also with the satisfactions of their investment and traveling.  

What Silver Spring Trek & Expeditions Offer

  1. We offer information, assistance and arrangements of treks, the expedition to a various mountain, peaks in Nepal and tours to Bhutan and Tibet.
  2. We also have expertise in running Incentive groups.
  3. The treks in Nepal can be standard itinerary or tailor made programs to suit the need and time of the clients.
  4. We help you to go on treks on less traveled routes if you require.
  5. We arrange for Jungle Safaris, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Rafting, Mountain Biking and other adventure sports.
  6. We will also help you with the bookings of International and domestic flights.
  7. All our staffs are well trained and understand the safety issues while on treks.
  8. 100% transparency. We are clear and transparent about what services will be included in the price and we don't have any hidden costs. If there is any extra cost involved will be mentioned beforehand for the clients to prepare on what they are paying and how much.
  9. 100% no compromises. There will be no compromises in providing the services the clients have been promised and for which they have paid.
  10. We provide complimentary services like the provision of sleeping bags and down jackets for the treks. This is however optional and you can choose to bring your own if you wish to.
  11. We host a free welcome dinner and give a complimentary gift at the end of the trek.

Why Silver Spring Trek & Expedition

We always adhere to our professional services so that our clients fly back to their countries not only with the nice memories but also with the satisfactions of their investment and traveling. We welcome clients and a guest but we send them back as a family. You may wonder why to choose Silver Spring Trek & Expedition PVT .LTDover a plethora of others

Government Registered:
Silver Spring Trek & Expedition PVT .LTDis a full government registered and associated with TAAN, NTB, NMA, and PATA so you can be assured of traveling with a legally recognized company for all your trips. Furthermore, since we are locally owned trekking agency in Nepal, you can contact us directly and avoid having to pay extra to the international agents as their commission.

Core Values:
One of our core values is to treat all the travel enthusiasts like our own personal guests and not as fodder to run the company. We believe in creating unique experiences that are tailor-made for all our clients. Our clients will get to see and imbibe, not only the time tested Himalayan experiences, but, we also create ways to immerse them culturally, environmentally and communally.

Value for your money:
Our company is a local company registered here in Kathmandu and when you book with us you do not have to pay extra for the same service. This will not only save you a lot of money in the form of extra pay you will have to do for the international agent but you will also be able to discuss your trip with the local people with information provided locally. By doing this you are also helping a local agent sustain.

Our Legal Documents

We are legally Certified from government

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Terms & Conditions

Silver Spring Trek & Expedition is a government registered Treks and Adventure Travel Company in Nepal. We are specialized for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. We have certain terms and conditions of our company. We are guided by our company policies and we request to read them before booking our tour packages.

Booking a Trip:
All our clients are requested to fill up the form (internal link) providing on this website to confirm their trip with us. The submission of the booking will serve as a provisional confirmation of the trip that you have chosen to do with us. The confirmation of the trip will be done once the payment is done. Once the form is received, we will email you with details of our bank account  or  PayPal id and other important information.

Confirming a Trip:
To fully confirm the trip a deposit of 25% of the total cost is required at least 35 -60 days prior to arrival which can be transferred to our bank account or PayPal that will be mentioned in our email we send after receiving the booking form. Upon receiving the deposit, we will email you with confirmation receipt and the balance due that can be paid once you arrive in Kathmandu. Please note that the cost incurred during the bank transfer has to be borne by the clients themselves.

Cancellation and refunds:
We provide a full refund if the cancellation is made within 25 days of arrival. 50% of the deposit will be refunded if the cancellation is done within 16 days of arrival. No refunds of the deposits will be provided later than that. The bank charges occurred due to the refunds has to borne by the clients. Cancelations of the trips must be advised in writing. However, No refund or compensation will be made for any unused air tickets, accommodation or any other activity.

Under the cancellation and refund process we cannot assure quickly how long it will take because of Nepal Government banking process, sending money from Nepal to international is probably the hardest part. However we will findout other options to refund the deposit amount. 

Credit cards payments:
We accept credit cards but there will be the service charge of 4% extra.

Trip transfer/amendments:
The trip you are booked are in can be transferred to another one on an additional charge of USD 100. This will, however, depend on the availability and possibility of doing the trek at the time. You will, however, be notified beforehand in any case.

Travel Insurance:
All clients traveling to Nepal are expected to have travel insurance. The information with the emergency contact number of which has to be informed to Silver Spring Trek & Expedition Trails Nepal in order for us to process should there be any such need for it while on a trek.

Physical Fitness and Health:
Except for short trips and tours, you may be required to have a good health and fitness thus it is recommended that you have a thorough checkup before the trip in order to avoid any other health related problems later on.

Accommodation and Meals:
While you will be staying in good hotels in Kathmandu with most of the facilities available, you may not receive the same service while on the trek. Most of our trips are lodges based and the meals are included while on the trek. Please note that you will be traveling to remote areas. Depending on the area and availability, you may have to stay in lodges with basic services and basic food items. However, if you are on a camping trek with us, we will be making our best effort to provide you with good meals and good camps.

Changes in a program:
Since the trip you choose will be an adventurous one and we will be making our effort to run the trip as per the information provided during the booking, it should be realized that the changes may occur due to unforeseen reason. We reserve the right to make such changes but will inform you on regular basis about the changes on the program. However, we will make our best efforts to ensure suitable alternatives.

Discontinuing the trek:
Due to any circumstances should the clients decide to discontinue the trip, the cost for the return have to be borne by themselves if they are in a group. No refund will be provided if the clients decide to return before the completion of the trek for the remaining days of the trek.

Visa, passport, and other necessary documents:
All clients are expected have a valid passport and visa before traveling to Nepal. Any other documents required for their travel into Nepal have to be prepared by the clients.

Our trek staffs will, at all times do their best to make your trip comfortable and a memorable experience. However, while doing so there may be some discrepancies. In such cases, we request the clients ask the trek guide to call us immediately. In cases where there are no any forms of communication services, we request to discuss with the guide to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the group as a whole. We will, however, look into the matter once the trek is completed. We take all complaints seriously to avoid any such problems to occur in the future.